John and June are my wifes grandparents and somewhat of an inspiration as they have been happily married for fourty years.  I was asked to see if I could make them a simply piece of word art that could be signed by everybody in the family but had limited time to do so.

We had plenty of spare 18mm MDF left over from a recent project but I wanted something a bit more solid.  The answer of course two pieces of MDF glued together to a make a nice solid 36mm sheet.

The template was stuck on with spray adhesive and left for a few hours to dry.

Scrollsawing the MDF to the template was simple enough and some light sanding on the bench sander smoothed the edges nicely.

Care was of course taken during the cutting and sanding process as MDF contains some pretty nasty chemicals that don’t want to be breathed in.  In hindsight while the scrollsaw worked, it might have been better done on the bandsaw.

Before painting the item I primed it with a water/PVA mix as MDF soaks up paint and would leave a rough surface.  This worked well as it only took a single coat of white furniture paint to obtain an acceptable finish however I’d had felt better if I had time to do another.  I just about had time to do some tests on the scrap pieces to ensure it would work.

The finished item was signed by all the family and presented to John and June on their 40th anniversary with much delight!

If I had more time I would have liked to have taken the item away to have it spray varnish to protect the work but now it sits happily on their mantle.