The drill press table

My titan drill press is great but with the large metal table I worry about using my good bits and of course chip out.  So I decided to create a drill press table.

Chip out can of course be reduced by just placing a piece of scrap wood under the work every time but I am fundamentally lazy so having something in place works better for me.

I decided to build it from 18mm MDF as its dimensionally stable and because I have a few sheets put by.

It’s a simple enough design; a piece of MDF large enough to hold my work but not so large as to get in the way of the post or cause an obstruction in my workshop with some softwood holding it in position.  Two channels allow me to have to bits of T-track where I can use two hold downs.

Eventually I’ll add a little fence and perhaps a stop block but I’ve not had the need for it yet.