It’s been two months since we moved so I really felt I needed to just make something rather than spend the time doing what we’d been doing for weeks, unpacking and tidying.  Plans for the garden dictated some planters so it seemed a good place to start.

With my limited funds, I love the idea of pallet wood projects especially when they are available from where I work for free!  That said I did need to buy some 38×38 square CLS to make the legs.  If I had a bandsaw or table saw for ripping I’d have made them myself from pallet wood so buying them feels a bit like cheating but hey-ho!

I started out by using my mitre saw to cut down the pallet wood to a manageable size and also cutting the legs to a sensible size.


The pallet wood would form side slats and so I made sure they stacked up to 4 equal heights when stacked next to each other.

These were then sanded with the orbital sander.

I then routed two 12mm slots in each leg on adjacent sides.  I used a piece of wood clamped down to my makeshift mitre saw table to get a straight cut all the way down the leg and this was a bit tricky so not all cuts were as nice as I’d have liked.

In hindsight I would have done this before cutting the legs to length as I needed to set up the router each time which took time.

In the future I would hopefully just be able to use a router table once my workshop was set up.

The slats were glued with Titebond III so to make sure it was strong and waterproof and clamped overnight.  I really missed having a workbench available though and with a limited amount of clamps this was really problematic.  The saying “you can never have enough clamps” is very true!


I sealed the whole planet when done with cheap deck sealer and then added two coats of creosote to the outside as this was all I had available.  I like the dark colour but the wife would have preferred the raw wood look.

Finally once dry, I planted the prettiest flower I have…