We wanted to put a large selection of photos on the wall in black Ikea frames but this was a plasterboard wall and we wanted them in specific locations.  Picture hanging wire and other hanging solutions have never worked for me so I needed to come up with a new solution.

I used plasterboard screws straight into the wall at specific points and marked out a grid of where the photos should go.  While not as secure as proper plasterboard fixings these would be strong enough.


The frames were then carefully drilled on the middle top back with my drill press to the exact size of the screw they would be mounted on.  I found however that Ikea frames are not solid wood and instead a wood/cardboard mashup so this took a few attempts to get right without destroying the frames.

I also found I needed to cushion beneath the frame to prevent any marking with a rubber mat and also pierce a guide hole for the drill press with an awl.

The finished frames look good and are positioned exactly where I require them with no hanging or adjustment required.