I’ve been wanting to make youtube videos of my projects for years but have just kept coming up with excuses for both filming videos and working on the projects.

I’ve co-founded and ran a makerspace, I’ve built a full size remote controlled Dalek, I’ve got married and had a daughter, moved house a few times,

I don’t have anywhere big enough with the right tools etc.

The list of excuses goes on.

In the past year however I’ve had less excuses than ever having spent my time turning a small single car garage into a hobbyist workshop.

I am the king of procrastination!

So I’ve been saying for the past few months stuff like

“I’ll get that workbench built before I start working on a project”


“I’ll buy that tool first and then maybe start that project”


“I’ll just sort my cable ties in order of colour and size”

It must stop!

My new year’s resolution for 2018 was to finally start this channel and to that end I’ve done my first video which can be found here:

I’m setting a realistic goal of doing one project video a month.

Make no mistake these will not be videos with amazing production values as I don’t have the time or talents that some youtubers have.

These might not the best project ideas either but I don’t care – these are things I really want to do and that’s more important.

These are primarily aimed at documenting my journey as a novice woodworker with an engineering background and also for my own amusement.

I’ll try and make them entertaining if I can so maybe they might help or inspire others.

I’m also monetising these videos if I happen to make a little money to help finance my projects then that’s fantastic but I am under no illusion that I’ll make anything of significance.

If I get anything out of this I hope that I get a small subscriber base especially as that’s potentially a group of likeminded people that might be able to help me with advice and feedback.

To that end if you have ideas for projects, feedback on anything I do please feel free to comment.  Trolls will be ignored but I’ll try to respond to all helpful feedback.

I’m also going to try recording a separate Vlog alongside the projects such as this to give me a chance to record my ramblings and goings on for those interested but not get in the way of the actual content.

This will be stuff like informal reviews, rants and behind the scenes of whatever projects I’m working on or what I’m currently using an excuse to not do proper projects.

I don’t have enough regular content at the moment to warrant a separate channel for them so I’ll try to make it nice and obvious which video is a Vlog  and what’s a project from the video thumbnail and description.

Obviously, you don’t have to watch these but it would be great if you do keep watching my project videos and if you haven’t already done so, please subscribe!

The YouTube channel will be my primary focus so I will no longer be using this blog beyond cross posting my latest videos here as well as having somewhere I can post additional content if required.