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Hey people, this is my vlog for August 2018 published in September….so I shall call this Augtembers blog. This gives an insight into who I am, what I’m up to and what my plans are.

Progress (or lack thereof)

Well well well, another month gone and I’ve only got another one video out in that time – not good Mr Smith! Add to that I’m slightly late with my Vlog again.
I have however been having loads of fun!
The Gorilla glue project I had great fun making and some of the products Gorilla Glue sent me I’ve been really impressed with so I’ll be buying them myself soon. I also got a chance to try out some new techniques with painting and carving and practice some scrollsawing so its been useful and the end product doesn’t look too bad!
I’ve linked the video below and if you havn’t seen it please check it out. I wasn’t too thrilled with my editing style but I’ve managed to get loads of feedback on that and have a few ideas for my next videos.
I’m also hoping that alongside some of my maker friends who also did something for Gorilla Glue we’ll get some exposure from them soon and maybe even some more opportunities.
You should check out the other makers Keith Saunders and Claire Mason and what they’ve done.


I’ve also managed to with massive help from Steve Harneal get my website redone and launched. It’s just a simple WordPress site but makes a nice accompaniment to my videos, gives me somewhere to go into more detail on my projects and also provides a little shop where I can sell stuff. Big thanks to Steve for helping me with that and you can check out my site in the link below as well as Steve’s site if you need your own website.

I’m working on updating my logo as well.
When I started the channel, it was a case of just picking something and running with it but now I always had an idea of a different logo but didn’t have the time or skill to make it. I’m considering using Fiverr to just get it done as I want something permanent before I go too far and need to order loads more stickers and other bits of merchandising. As always if you have any thoughts, please chime in the comments!

What’s on the bench?

Not much has changed, I still have too much on but some deadlines have come and gone and the Gorilla glue project is over with so there isn’t anything with a deadline looming so I can relax a little!
I’m still going to try not to take much else on though I suspect that will go out the window as I’m messing around in the workshop and jump on any new ideas I have!
I will try and at least fufill one of my promises and do the video for the micromesh or possibly finish the tablesaw review.
I did want to do a scrollsaw project as the awesome Matt Haus has made a really nice freddy mercury template that with a little modification could be a nice scollsaw template. The only thing stopping me is my clumsiness in adobe illustrator and the time it takes to turn it into a workable pattern. I also found I’m not allowed to use most queen songs in a video so I’m going to either have to sing myself or use a cover version of something.
I’ve heard William Shatner does a good bohemian rhapsody….

Workshop Tour

I will try to do a workshop tour this month too as a few of you have wanted to see my workshop and its always nice to get feedback and bounce ideas off people. I’ve been pondering a movaround and still to put in proper dust collection as well so could really do with some input.

Maker Community

Since I started YouTube I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with one of the most nurturing and motivating community that exists and I’ve been given help from so many people. I’m now at that point though where I’m feeling I’m just taking and taking and not really paying it forward so really want to do something for the community.
I’ve got a few ideas lined up including a little get together planned but as always, your thoughts are welcome if you have any ideas.
I will also be at Makers Central next year however certainly doing my bit again there representing Southampton Makerspace and promoting the concept of makerspaces and hackerspaces at anybody who will listen. We had a great time this year doing this and I like to think we sent a lot of people over to their local space and made a few who didn’t have a local space consider making one.

Making it ‘out of the woods’
Keith Saunders
Nick Zammeti
Dave Gunner
Andy Pugh
Find out about makers central here:
The evolution table saw (review upcoming) can be bought here:
The evolution mitre saw (awesome tool!) can be bought here:

A bigger list of some of the tools and bits I use can be found here

Please subscribe and hit notify to be updated when I release new videos and constructive advice/feedback/ideas are all welcome in the comments below!

Thanks all!

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