These are some of the tools and supplies I use on my projects.  This is by all means not an exhaustive list and if there is anything you see in my videos not mentioned here please let me know as I’ll try and get it on the list.

Disclaimer:  These are amazon affiliate links to the products so I do get a small cut of anything you buy!  If you buy anything you get a new tool or something awesome, you pay nothing extra and you support this site and my channel – everybody is a winner! 😀


Dremel 3000

My bandsaw the lovely Clarke 305mm

The evolution table saw (review upcoming) can be bought here:

The evolution mitre saw (awesome tool!) can be bought here:

Lulzbots fantastic machines can be gotten from here:


Gorilla Wood Glue –

Gorilla Tape –

Gorilla Super Glue –

Woodwax 22

Chestut Sanding Sealer

Yorkshire Grit

Easy finishing tool (I would buy this if I could afford to!)

Acetone for melting plastic in soup: