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The Woodgineer's Workshop

Premium Woggle - Oak

Premium Woggle - Oak

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Our premium woggles are made from a range of hardwoods native to the UK including Oak, Ash, Beach and many others.

Where possible we only use wood only sourced responsibly whether that be managed woodland or recycled from existing wooden items such as furniture.

Finishing is all natural using only linseed oil, bees wax and mineral oil.

Scraps produced while making the woggles are mostly used for campfires so there is very little waste.

Most of the profit from the sales of these woggles goes towards 2nd Whiteley Scout Group covering woggles and craft supplies.

It should be noted that wood is a natural product and can warp, crack and decolour over time.  If taken care of properly these woggles will last a lifetime but dropped, trodden or exposed to the elements can damage them.

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